Company House Services

ACKACS Company House is a focused specialist service dedicated to deliver client’s business needs and offer support service for meeting requirements for company formation and Company House compliance.

ACKACS Company House service covers the following;

Company Secretarial Services (CSS)
At ACKACS we provide secretarial services for companies and deliver the following services to ensure that your organisation’s business complies with the standard statutory requirements.

UK Company Formation and Registration
At ACKACS we provide support in all aspects of your company registration in the UK, providing advice to help you decide on which options (limited company (Ltd) or limited liability partnership (LLP), a public or private registration) are best for your business requirements or any other kind of business options available to you.

The formation of a Limited Liability Company would require following the appropriate procedures and requirements to ensure that the structures are right for your organisation’s business.

The Limited Liability Partnerships would require different or independent structure to that of Limited companies. As well as ensuring that the structures are right, and setting up things such as the nomination of Directors and Shareholders, and choosing the right accounting reference periods. It’s also important to comply with the HMRC requirements and UK accountancy practices to ensure that the company has the right processes in place.

We will ensure you are well aware and understand the benefits and requirements of each option that you choose. And we will work with you to ensure your company registration requirements are fulfilled; submission of all documents, signatories, and responding to Company House queries on your behalf and ensure a reliable, fast and successful company registration process.

Annual Returns – Submission and filing
Companies registered by the Companies House as limited liability companies in England and Wales are required to submit their financial records once each year. Annual returns such as Final Accounts, Abbreviated accounts for certain companies and Corporation TAX to HMRC must be filed on time and failure to comply with this requirements would normally lead to charges and penalties.

At ACKACS we would work with you to complete your company financial reports that fulfil the Company House and HMRC requirements and ensure a timely submission of documents to the right authorities. We would support you in setting up time in diaries and notifications that would help you avoid late submission and payments of charges and penalties.

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