Cloud and System Security

It’s now very important more than ever before for companies to have their systems protected because of the ever increasing cyber-attacks, loss of confidential information, online identity thefts, unknown viruses and the introduction of new viruses on a daily basis. The internet has become increasingly unsafe for businesses; however, both growing and developed businesses cannot do without the internet. Businesses need their active and effective online live activities to ensure their operations run with speed and ease; it also has huge cost reduction and impact on their finances. Businesses will continue to have needs for internet and online live activities to ensure their continuous development and growth, but must also ensure that their systems and online live activities are fully protected with a world class and trusted internet security protection.

In addition to the above, data is vital for any type of business and Businesses manage lots of data. The storage of data is therefore very important for organisations. Lack of good data storage systems would expose a business to the risks of losing confidential information and this may be costly and could result to loss of businesses. Organisations will seek to have good secure and protected data storage systems to avoid any exposure to loss of data and their confidential information.

At ACKACS we understand the importance of good storage and internet security protection systems for businesses. And we offer our clients the opportunities to benefit from our collaborations with leading innovative organisations. Our collaboration with F-Secure allows us to offer clients the F-Secure Cloud systems Service and Internet Security Protection Services for Businesses.

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