Computerised Accountancy

ACKACS offers specialist Computerised Accountancy Systems advice and dedicated consultant support that demonstrates, installs or provides training on accountancy and accountancy related software. ACKACS has developed collaborative partnership with the market leading accounting software providers such as SAGE and XERO accounting systems, this collaboration enables ACKACS to continue to create and deliver value to its clients and their businesses.

ACKACS consultant’s activities could include the set-up, supply and maintenance of:

  • Accountancy software to produce financial or management accounts
  • Payroll software
  • Software for the calculation of a client’s tax liability.

ACKACS also offers the current online accounting system trend such as SAGE One and XERO Online as a quality alternative solution. This solution offers clients the opportunity to have an online accounting system with the benefit to set up a system that is always up to date, store records in cloud and manage their financial records online with access to records anywhere online. This allows ACKACS consultants to offer a comprehensive support and maintain client’s books at the same time.