Cloud Services

Cloud Services

ACKACS offer clients F-secure cloud system known as YOUNITED. Younited by F-secure is a cloud storage system with true privacy. The following is the Why ACKACS offer clients F-Secure YOUNITED solutions?

F-Secure, is a Finnish award-winning online security company and has designed, built and developed younited to fight for digital freedom. Did you know that Finland has the world’s strictest privacy laws? This is why the prying eyes or any other hand will not get access to your contents. With younited, privacy is guaranteed, “what’s yours remains yours”. And F-secure also would not sell your information to advertisers or to any other organisations.

To simply ensure that content is securely stored; Businesses would need to store their data, photos and files safely onto younited.

Benefits for Businesses

Cloud Storage app for your photos, videos and documents

  • Available on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Guaranteed privacy for your contents
  • Simple sharing

Think of Younited as online banking for your photos, videos and docs – that’s how private it is.


Want to keep your content to yourself without anyone spying on your files? With younited, your content is kept safe from prying eyes. Younited is hosted in Finland, a trusted country with the world’s best privacy laws. Businesses are invited to store all their photos, videos and documents onto the world’s most secure cloud storage system.


Are you worried about the security of your files? All content uploaded onto younited is stored in an encrypted storage system with AES-256, the strongest variant of the internationally recognized Advanced Encryption Standard. The content is scanned for malware through our own award-winning anti-virus scanners. For an extra layer of security for your password, turn on two-factor authentication.

Back up

Is your organisation scared or worried about losing confidential contents (data, photos and files)? Then turn on automatic uploading to ensure that all your photos, videos and docs are syncing into younited automatically. Businesses can also back up their mobile device by turning on automatic uploading.

Group Spaces

Is your organisation still sending e-mails with huge attachments? Stop that – there are now much better ways to share large files within your organisation, employees or with partners and friends. Collaboration system allows you to do just that. Just create a group space and invite whoever you want to collaborate with. You can also share large files with a simple web link via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Supported platforms

YOUNITE_LogoWindows desktops and laptops, Windows Phone 8, Apple Macs, Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Android devices

Please contact us to download younited 5GB for free today or sign up for your flexible storage options of 20GB, 200GB, 1000GB and your guaranteed better pricing packages with ACKACS.

Free download for Windows        Free download for Mac

ACKACS also offer cloud systems and internet protection systems for individual consumers. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs for cloud systems and storage and for internet security protection services for all your devices. You may also receive over 30 days free trials for any of these product systems from ACKACS.